Exercise 13

1. The teacher decide to accept the paper.
2. They appreciate to have this information.
3. His father doesn’t approve of his going to Europe.
4. We found it very diffuclt to each a decision.
5. Donna is interested in opening a bar.
6. George has no intention of leaving the city now
7. We are eager to return to school in the fall.
8. You wold be better off buying this car.
9. She refused to accept the gift.
10. Mary regrets to be the one to have to tell him.
11. George pretended being sick yesterday.
12. Carlos hopes to finish his thesis this year.
13. The a greed to leave carly.
14. Helen was anxious to tell her family about her promotion.
15. We are not ready to stop this research at this time.
16. Henry shouldn’t risk to drive so fast.
17. He demands to know what is going on.
18. She is looking forward to return to her country.
19. There is no excuse for leaving the room in this condition.
20. Gerald returned to his home after leaving the game


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