Tenses Chart
1.      While she was trying to read , her friend ( Practised ) the piano
2.      He (bought) several jerseys in the last two years.
3.      She ( Bone ) the meat later
4.      By the time you get there they already ( left ).
5.      I (  drown ) . No body  ( saved ) me.
6.      He said she not ( Return ) the book yet
7.      What you ( draned ) at tehe moment
8.      She ( thought ) her huisband will buy a new fridge
9.      How much you (spent ) in London so far ?
10.  In a month’s time I (Learned) in London so far
11.  After he had (saw ) the giraffe he spoke to the keeper
12.  He (bought) weed-killer when they arrested him.
13.  The plumbing always (given) trouble the summer.
14.  The trout ( risen ) when they reached the lake.
15.  You (recognized) this statue?
16.  They say they not (performed) tomorrow.
17.  What you ( did) since your last recital?
18.  As it ( rained ) he put up his umbrella.
19.  They (heard) Beethoven better conducted earlier in the year.
20.  What ( gone ) on here?
21.  I only just (realized) what she meant.
22.  I never (planted) crocuses again.
23.  You (enjoyed) yourself when I saw you at the party ?
24.  I (were ) to the zoo and ( gone ) while they are still talking about visiting it.
25.  She (dock) at Tilbury last week.
26.  He always (accelerated) too quickly.
28.  You (heard ) that awful noise ?
29.  By the time the brigade arrived, the house ( collapses ).
30.  I saw a new type of windscreen wiper while I (walk) round the exhibition yesterday.
31.  They (waited) to take off since ten this morning.
32.  She (shot) at leastthree tigers in India last year.
33.  We (saw) what we (seen)
34.  He heard an owl hooting as he (walk) through the wood.
35.  They (produced) a hundred shirts every day for two mounts now.
36.  Where you (gone ) when I bumped into you?
37.  Who (told ) the grasshopper to dance? The ant in the fable (do).
38.  They (wore ) high heels every day last term.
39.  What you ( did ) with a gun in your car?
40.  He still not ( found) his watch.
41.  I (live) there several years before I found the nest.
42.  When it (stung) him?
43.  She (liked) cockles. Naturally she (prefered) lobster.
44.  Dragon-flies (had) very beautiful wings.
45.  Time and tide (waited) for no man, the saying (run).
46.  I (bought) some new pruners the other day.
47.  The girl in the pay box seldom (smiled) now a days.
48.  The moment he (open) the boot the spare wheel fell out.
49.  Too many cooks (spoil) broth.
50.  He (left) Italy by plane yesterday.

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